Please note that dates and times shown on this page are provisional and may be subject to change.

Ticket availability and pricing

Sales open for Robinson students on 19th January, 19:00, and for everyone else on 26th January, 19:00. Tickets usually sell out quickly, so if you’re not a Robinson student but would like to purchase a ticket, your best bet is to befriend a current Robinson member and get them to buy the ticket on your behalf.

You can choose the option on your ticket as one of the following:

The first price is for current Robinson members, the second for non-members and alumni.

We will also be offering upgrades at a later date.


We expect you to complete payments for your tickets by 16th March, 23:59. Failure to do so may mean your tickets are no longer guaranteed, and may be reallocated to those on the waiting list.

Our payment provider should respond in 2 minutes from completing a payment, to say that it has been successful. However, due to high demands from other users, it may take longer to process. If your payment has not come through correctly, please drop us an email and we’ll look into it.

Please note that changing ticket options between starting and completing payments may cause payment completions to be denied, even if the money is debited from your account.

Name changes

You can change the names on your tickets up until the rename deadline to avoid a charge (see below). Names can be changed freely before payment.

We will charge an administration fee for changing names on tickets as follows:

The final deadline for ticket renaming is 10th June, 23:59, after which no more name changes can be made online. In this case, you will need to contact us directly to arrange any further changes.

If a name is changed after you have received your physical ticket, you will need to bring it back so we can reissue it with the correct name.

Using tokens

If you have a Raven account, login with Raven as normal, and once complete, the token should be applied to your account, allowing you to buy tickets.

Otherwise, you’ll need to use the token login page. Enter the email address you used when requesting the token. The code is a 16 character alphanumeric string which should have also been given to you. You’ll then get to a form asking for this address and code. Enter both and click Redeem to login using the token. Then you can proceed to buy tickets.

Access for alumni

Alumni of Robinson can request access to an account, after which you’ll be allocated a token for the number of tickets you request.

Ticket delivery

For Robinson students, we will deliver your tickets to your college room on the week of the ball. For us to do this, you will need to give us your room number – you can do this from the delivery page once sales are open. If you live out, you can specify someone else in college to deliver to.

All tickets will be sent to the single delivery location that you specify. If you are buying tickets on behalf of other guests, you will need to pass their tickets on for them.

For non-Robinson students, and those who don’t give us a room number, you will be expected to collect your tickets from us on our collection dates (these will be detailed closer to the time). If necessary, you can also nominate someone to collect your tickets for you. In either case, photo ID will be required at collection.

If some of your guests would like to collect their own tickets, please contact us directly to let us know.

On the night

Dining ticket holders will be admitted via the Bin Brook entrance from 18:30, with dinner commencing at 19:00. Entry for queue jump and standard ticket holders will be via the Porter's Lodge from 20:30.

It is important that you bring photo identification with you. For members of the university, your Cambridge student card is acceptable for this. We will also accept a photographic driver's license or passport.